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Is Technology It?

Social engineering is built on motivators like greed, fear, guilt, gossip, compassion and flattery that appeal to human nature. Crafty evil-doers use any combination of those six to entice their victims and ensure success. While we spend a lot of time playing with new tools, creating our own, and devouring information about new technology, we also spend a great deal of time at BTB learning about human psychology. OK, maybe we aren't studying psych books or sitting in a class, but we are constantly playing the chess games in our heads in planning and working with our clients. It goes back to the twisted mindset mentioned before, and is not something that can really be taught.

We can talk about our services and tools, create fancy marketing material to catch your eye, but when it comes down to are buying our mindset and experience. This is something that we stress to our customers, and an actual recommendation we give to all potential clients when they are shopping for a security assessor – challenge the people you're entrusting to assess your security by making them think outside of the box on their feet. We've had customers throw riddles at us, create manufactured scenarios, and sometimes even talk only about strategy games like chess.

Here's a secret, we love it...because this is where we shine. We're not button pushers or widget manufacturers; we're the people that spend more time worried about your security than you do. We know how to get in, what techniques your technology and people are susceptible to, and can also translate that into business terms.

Thanks for the most informative and thorough assessment we have had!

Fred, Manager of Security