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Since 2006, we’ve remained competitive in an oversaturated market by following one simple guideline: tell the truth and practice with integrity. Our no-nonsense approach to cyber security has allowed us to become a trusted advisor for companies across the nation. Our team is passionate about providing exceptional service to clients of all sizes. We’re here to keep your organization secure, so while we may not always tell you what you want to hear, we will always tell you what you need to hear to achieve better security.

We are Your Security Experts

Our team delivers exceptional service through honesty and accountability.

  • matt-barnett-headshot-50x50

    Matt Barnett, CISSP

    Managing Consultant

  • david-menichello-headshot-50x50

    David Menichello, CISSP

    Director, CISO Advisory Services

  • mike-lefand-headshot-50x50

    Mike Lefand

    Security Operations Manager

  • sean-scott-headshot-50x50

    Sean Scott

    Client Relationship Manager

  • shannon-younghans-headshot-50x50

    Shannon Younghans

    Project Manager

Mission Statement

To develop a true relationship with each customer by providing a range of quality cyber security services that are personalized based on their unique business needs.

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Security is Evolving

It’s overwhelming to try and keep your data secure when the industry is constantly changing. Our passionate team of industry experts is here to help you along the way.

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