Research, Intelligence, and Offensive Tactics


Improving your security posture means overcoming the defensive bias the information security industry has held for ages, and proactively identifying new threats and tactics, allowing for more actionable response and protection.

To that end, BTB Security’s Research Intelligence and Offensive Tactics Labs™ (RIOT Labs™) has been created as a dedicated deep security research and threat intelligence team. This team is focused on continually enhancing our security offerings – the next step in the evolution of our company.

RIOT Labs™ is an integral foundation for our services: a team dedicated to Research, Intelligence, and Offensive Tactics, proactively uncovering rich insights to directly impact our services and our clients’ security posture. Feeding our penetration testing teams tactics, exploits, and expertise to strengthen client defenses, and continually enabling our managed detection and response teams to stay ahead of adversaries.

Going Further

BTB’s RIOT Labs™ includes security and penetration testers, incident responders, forensic investigators, malware analysts, researchers, and developers.

The RIOT Labs™ team studies attacker’s methods, tools, and exploits, as well as performs deep security research to identify new threat vectors.

They gain insights from BTB Security's RADAR® installations, global honeynets, commercial and open-source threat feeds, analysis of data breach investigations, and industry and in-house research to complement our research operations.

This Research and Intelligence is then used to update detection rules for BTB Security's RADAR®, provide actionable information for our threat hunters, incident responders, and red team members.

A truly unique aspect of BTB Security’s RIOT Labs™, our team not only focuses on solidifying security information to affect the defenses of our clients, but also identifies and creates innovative tactics, scripts, and exploits to fuel our red team and penetration testing. 

Our Special Projects


Behavior-based detection with over 250 unique process behaviors to keep your business safe.

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Riot Shield

An intelligence feed to tag and funnel internet traffic into manageable patterns.

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Security is Evolving

It’s overwhelming to try and keep your data secure when the industry is constantly changing. Our passionate team of industry experts is here to help you along the way.

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