Fully immerse yourself in a technical environment surrounded by
security thought-leaders.









Work alongside cyber security industry leaders.

We strive for perfection, but accept excellence. All three of our managing partners are experienced industry professionals. We foster an environment with a technical mindset that encourages innovation.

BTB Security Benefits

Competitive Compensation w/Bonus Potential

Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage



Flexible Work-from-Home Options

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Why BTB Security?
Technical Environment, Technical Leadership

At BTB Security you will fully immerse yourself in a technical environment surrounded by security professionals. All three Managing Partners have performed technical security assessments in the past and two of the three are still active in building out software, infrastructure, and helping to guide deployments into production. The technical capabilities of our leadership team has a trickle down effect that encourages and promotes a technical mindset among the employees of BTB. Being surrounded by people who are both highly technical and security minded will allow you to accelerate your learning as compared to traditional corporate development environments where it is commonplace for a manager to have zero technical experience. Security is something that is at the forefront of our development practices. As such you will be able to not only learn about leading security practices, but you will implement them regularly in your projects.