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Junior Software Engineer

software engineer

BTB Security has a need for talented software engineers to help solve various technical challenges. The focus for development associated with this role is to continue building upon the existing software associated with BTB’s service offerings as well as assist in the creation of new software to power future initiatives at BTB Security.

Why BTB Security? Technical Environment, Technical Leadership

At BTB Security, you will fully immerse yourself in a technical environment surrounded by cyber-security professionals. All three managing partners have performed technical security assessments in the past and two of the three are still active in building software, infrastructure, and helping to guide deployments into production. The technical capabilities of our leadership team have a trickle-down effect which encourages and promotes a technical mindset among the employees of BTB. Being surrounded by people who are both highly technical and security minded will allow you to accelerate your learning as compared to traditional corporate development environments where it is commonplace for a manager to have zero technical experience. Security is something that is at the forefront of our development practices and as such you will be able to not only learn about best security practices, but you will implement them regularly in your projects.

Open Source, Open Minded

At BTB Security we treat tools as just that, tools. Each development task or effort can be solved in an infinite number of ways and as such we try to pick the best tool for the task at hand. Currently, we solve many of our challenges using open source tools which we’d love to discuss in detail if you have an interest in a position at BTB security.

At BTB, the development team, as well as the entire company, is strongly encouraged to provide feedback whenever an opportunity for improvement is identified. This is especially important in development because of the regular influx of new tools. As tools are released which could help solve one of the challenges that we are currently facing, we encourage our employees to research those tools and bring them to the attention of the development team. That being said, there is often a false perception that a tool or framework is the best thing since sliced bread and as such we will thoroughly investigate the benefit of implementing a new tool or process, especially if the said tool will involve changing existing code or infrastructure which is not broken.

Job Expectations

BTB Security services implement or integrate REST APIs. As such, we expect applicants to have a basic understanding of HTTP based APIs and experience working with JSON data. Additionally, we are looking for someone who can familiarize themselves with our code base to effectively troubleshoot production issues and enhance existing capabilities. Lastly, many of our feature enhancements are performed on the web application layer and we expect candidates to be comfortable working within web applications.

Required Technical Skills

  • Experience developing web applications which store state, have a layer of authentication, and/or facilitate communication over HTTP
  • Experience working with simple data structures
  • Experience with client-side browser technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of how major application layer protocols function (e.g., HTTP, SMTP, DNS)
  • Comfortable in multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux)

Nice To Have

  • Experience working with open source technologies or related projects
  • Side projects! We want to hear about what you work on when you have some free time or are not busy with school/work
  • Volunteer Work
  • Experience with Angular or React
  • Be a Gopher

If you are interested, please contact us and include your résumé