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Comprehensive security assessments and
advisory of your cloud deployments.




Cloud Security Strategy

We assess
and advise

Cloud adoption continues to expand rapidly, with organizations seeking flexible pay-as-you-go cost models and agility to fit their business strategies. Effective security in the cloud remains a significant challenge for IT decision-makers, many of whom are struggling to recruit talent with scarce and highly sought-after expertise in cloud security and governance.

Maintaining the same level of visibility and control as you had in your on-premises environment requires new strategies, strong communication, and well-documented standards and governance procedures. BTB has the expertise to help you design and maintain an effective cloud security strategy.

What we Offer


We offer cloud security assessments of commonly used technologies like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. These include In-depth assessments of client-defined cloud environments focusing on effectiveness of deployed resources related to Identity and Access Management, Logging and Monitoring, Storage, Database, and Networking. Additional areas of consideration may be in-scope if relevant, such as CI/CD platforms and procedures, Infrastructure as code, and Microservices.

Advisory Services 

In addition, we offer Advisory services to assist clients with developing and/or maintaining effective cloud security strategies. Activities may include designing the target architecture, documenting standards and configuration settings, review of governance and risk mitigation procedures, integration of secure development practices and validating the deployment of the cloud strategy.

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