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Threat Assessment

Expert services that are supported by an unparalleled customer experience.

Threat assessments aid companies by proactively staying in line with information security requirements and best practices. Every organization should be performing regular testing, but most do not have the resources, knowledge, independence or time to do so. Leverage our experienced team to identify and eliminate weak points within your infrastructure to improve your overall security posture.

Cyber Security Threat Assessments from Industry Experts


Red Team Operations

We attempt to compromise your security as if we were a criminal carrying out nefarious activity. Basically, we do “bad” things to good people before the actual bad guys have a chance to cause damage.


Purple Team Exercises

Using our red team operations as a basis, we work with your defensive teams to identify opportunities for improvement and implement new protocols and best practices to increase their security posture.


Penetration Testing

Our pen tests help assess, identify, and minimize (or eliminate) specific vulnerabilities within your security infrastructure. Using ethical hacking, we attempt to infiltrate your organization based on predetermined parameters. The tests demonstrate susceptibility to attacks, and they inform which other specialized threat assessments might be needed to strengthen your security posture.


Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Our experienced team performs targeted testing to assess specific aspects of your infrastructure or application and identify opportunities for improvement. We use a tailored approach that’s based on your unique security needs to give you the most meaningful, actionable results possible.



Customer Retention

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The White
Glove Treatment

Our team goes above and beyond for our customers, and it shows. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is one of the attributes that have propelled our success. If you’re searching for a trusted advisor that treats you as an individual, look no further.

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Learn More about Our Threat Assessments and Tests

Cyber security is so nuanced that it can take years of experience to know how to best craft a security strategy. Our approach to assessments is different because we first seek to understand the function of security within your business rather than just testing for the heck of it. We offer a variety of assessments and tests to help gauge both the technical and organizational security of your business.

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Most providers only give their clients a quick writeup on their findings after an assessment. Even though the summary might make sense to someone in the cyber security field, these types of reporting often leave clients confused and questioning ROI. We’ve created a new platform on which we deliver assessment results in a way that’s both meaningful and easy to follow.

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Ready, Set, Test!

Assessing cyber security can get pretty complicated, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to even start. Our team can efficiently help you determine which assessment would be the most beneficial for your security posture and your budget. Connect with us today to start achieving better security.

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