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The Hospitality industry provides lodging, tourism, restaurants, resorts, casinos, and theme parks for everyone’s enjoyment. Whether it’s meeting compliance needs or protecting sensitive information, continuous security diligence is necessary with the prevalence of technology reliance. Small restaurants to large resorts can benefit from security services provided by BTB Security that have been tailored to meet their specific needs.

Providing the security to protect sensitive information, third party providers and applications, and outsourced IT management from exposure or misuse while operating an efficient and fiscally responsible organization, are challenges we help our hospitality customers meet on a regular basis.

Compliance Requirements

Each industry has a unique set of Federal Regulations or Industry Standards that they must adhere to. The following regulations and standards may apply to organizations in the Hospitality industry.

BTB Solutions

Each of the BTB Security service offerings utilize a methodology that has been developed based on years of experience in the information security industry. However, we also understand that each client has unique needs, and we're more than happy to customize our service offerings to ensure the precise needs of our clients are being met.

How secure is your organization?

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