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Be afraid. Be very afraid... the most frightening cybersecurity hacks.

It’s easy enough to find lists of the scariest hacks by googling. You might get a long list of the biggest data breaches, those that exposed the highest number of personal records, for example. But high numbers don’t necessarily indicate the level of danger. Here, BTB Security lists what we consider to be the scariest cybersecurity developments and explains why they should send shivers down your spine. Read on for our list of the most truly terrifying breaches to date.…

Written by BTB

Things that go bump in the night...part 4

Cybersecurity month is coming to an end and Halloween is almost upon us but we still have one “monster” left to unmask. In the final installment of our series on “Things that go bump in the night”, we look at the devious “email”. It seems so harmless: messages from your boss, notifications from clients, communications about the latest news from your favorite industry sources – maybe even a handful of updates from friends and family. But lurking within these everyday messages are nefarious efforts to sabotage your security and hijack your organization’s data. This little monster can really chomp a big bite out of your organization’s security. Read on to learn how to defend against this beastly danger and get out of its traps with your data intact.…

Written by BTB

Things that go bump in the night... part 3


Written by BTB

Things that go bump in the night...part 2

Was that scratching noise a mouse in the server room? Or, some nefarious creature stalking your organization’s valuable data? Sometimes the things that we think are mortal threats can be easily mitigated, yet every day processes can be a source of unexpected danger. In our second piece on “Things that go bump in the night”, we’ll look at a “monster” that strikes fear into the hearts of most security executives… the dreaded security budget. Read on to find out if it’s possible to tame this fearsome beast or if you should be running for your life. Click here to pull back the curtain and face your fears.…

Written by BTB

Things that go bump in the night...part 1

In cybersecurity, not all "monsters" are as scary as they may first seem. Others are far scarier than you ever thought. View this infographic, the first in a series of four, to meet our first "monster" - ransomware - and find out if you should be fearing for your organization's life or just sweeping away the cobwebs. Either way, you'll learn helpful hints on keeping these threats, big and small, at bay. Click here.... if you dare!…

Written by BTB


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