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The limitations of AI - why human logic matters

Written by BTB

Do you know where all of your data is?


Written by BTB

Seven ways to sell your boss on IT security spending

Like home maintenance or car insurance, the value of IT security is hard to see until something goes wrong. The challenge is especially difficult for small and midsized companies, which have limited budgets and would rather spend on things with a more visible, hard ROI. Spending on information security is expected to reach $124 billion in 2019, up 8.7 percent from 2018, driven by high profile data breaches, increasing regulations and rising privacy concerns, according to Gartner. While they don’t necessarily generate headlines, the number of breaches at SMBs is up. A Ponemon Institute study reports that 67 percent of SMBs experienced cyberattacks and 58 percent experienced data breaches in 2018, up from 61 percent and 54 percent respectively in 2017 . In 2019, Verizon reported that small businesses were the victims in 43 percent of all breaches.…

Written by BTB

Which Security Partner is Right for Your Organization?

As concern over cybersecurity grows, so does the number of cybersecurity vendors and tools vying for ballooning cybersecurity budgets. Every company has different needs, depending on its industry, the type of data it handles, where it stores its data and many other factors. And security is complicated.…

Written by BTB

Hunting the foxes before they get to the hen house

By nature, foxes are attracted to hens. And like all predators, they’ll look for the easy meal. So, leaving the hen house unlocked is like putting out a neon sign advertising an all-you-can-eat buffet.  …

Written by BTB


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