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When you want to get a good look at your organization's security posture, a penetration test can show you the good as well as the bad. But not all penetration tests are the same and you should know what you're getting before you initiate one. Read on for more information about what to expect, what to look for in a partner and how a pen test can help your business improve its security. Click here.…

Written by Matthew Wilson

State laws on IoT security: A good start


Written by Matthew Wilson

Cryptojacking: Should you be concerned?

In some ways, cryptojacking seems like a victimless crime. Hackers steal a bit of computing power from legions of electronic devices – including PCs, network routers and cameras – surreptitiously using it to mine for valuable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Monero. Virtually unheard of five years ago, cryptojacking has exploded, rising 459 percent since 2017, according to the Cyber Threat Alliance. Unlike other types of hacking, cryptojacking isn’t an outright threat. In fact, the hackers hope you never discover it. Better for them to run quietly in the background, using the accumulated compute power to verify transactions on a blockchain, the digital ledger on which cryptocurrencies are created. By solving the cryptographic equations, the hackers earn digital currency. It’s like printing money, only digitally.…

Written by Matthew Wilson

Data Privacy in the European Union: Becoming Compliant with New Protection Measures

The legislative action of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) intends to unify and strengthen data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). There are still controversial topics surrounding this regulation, and a great deal of conversation will surely take place. This brief Solution Guide provides the most important things you need to know in an easy-to- understand format.…

Written by Matthew Wilson

The True Cost of a Security Operations Center (SOC)

Knowing the true cost of your SOC—including capital, payroll, recurring expenses, and care—prevents wasteful spending and keeps your operation lean. Our dedicated information security experts can show you how careful planning and wise use of resources can keep your data secure and your bottom line healthy—two things previously thought to…

Written by Matthew Wilson


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