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Don’t Fall Victim to Cybersecurity Scare Tactics

Walk into any major cybersecurity conference, and you’ll feel like you are walking into the trailer for a horror movie.…

Written by Ron Schlecht Jr.

Cybersecurity has an M&A problem. CISOs should be wary.

The cybersecurity market is chaotic. New players frequently emerge, hyped as the next panacea for security woes, while incumbents are often acquired or merged with other businesses. While hype and rapid change is nothing new in any industry with the prefix “cyber” attached, it can be particularly troubling in cybersecurity, where finding the right partners is critical. Unfortunately, the rapid formation of startups, and the speed with which they are acquired makes it hard to know who to trust.…

Written by Ron Schlecht Jr.

Tony McFelin Joins BTB’s CISO Advisory Practice

Adding strategic expertise and depth to BTB's expanding CISO Advisory team Philadelphia, PA / March 18, 2019 / BTB Security, a leading cyber security assessment, advisory, and managed detection and response firm, today announced that Tony McFelin has joined the company’s growing CISO Advisory practice. Tony will work closely with clients to implement information security programs that are practical, effective, commensurate with risk, and aligned with their business goals.…

Written by Ron Schlecht Jr.

What trickle down cybersecurity means for your business

There you are, leading a startup as it gets its first shot at a big league contract with a major company. Everything is going great. The broad strokes of the agreement are worked out, and all that is left is for the lawyers to hash out the fine print.…

Written by Ron Schlecht Jr.

Cybersecurity in New York State: Remaining Compliant with Emerging Regulations

Emerging financial regulations can seem complex and intimidating. The NY State Department of Financial Services recently established cybersecurity requirements for all financial-services companies operating within the state. This brief Solution Guide provides the most important things you need to know in an easy-to-understand format.…

Written by Ron Schlecht Jr.


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