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Rapid Advanced Detection and Response®


RADAR is our flexible managed detection and response (MDR) service. We've created a robust, modular platform that helps quickly identify and eliminate security threats.


Other MDR Solutions Fall Short

RADAR maximizes actionable threat intelligence for security leaders—our philosophy is No BS (Blind Spots)®.

Limited Visibility

Most tools only monitor critical assets, not your entire infrastructure.

Difficulty in Detection

Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to bypass security.

Lack of Response

Many teams don’t know how to respond to false alerts or real threats.



Cost Reduction

Compared to Implementing an In-House SOC



Security Operations Centers are Expensive

RADAR Costs Less, But Does More

On average, 260% more security threats are identified (and defeated) when you rely on managed services from BTB Security.

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RADAR Plays Nice With Others

We help keep your cost and headaches at a minimum by integrating
with more than 100 of the tools you're already using.

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Achieve Better Security with RADAR

Our platform was expertly crafted by cyber security professionals to consistently deliver better security outcomes.


RADAR is Your Comprehensive MDR Service

  • Total Visibility
  • Advanced Detection
  • Automated Intelligent Response
  • Detailed Relational Information
  • Actionable Threat Intelligence
  • Expert Customer Service

How RADAR Works

RADAR is technology agnostic, so you aren’t required to have any specific systems or configurations in place. We gather data, correlate it, then overlay security intelligence and machine learning to create a nuanced baseline.


RADAR gathers alerts from your networks, systems, applications, endpoints, and custom sources.

Process and Prioritize

Our algorithms detect and organize security anomalies using security intelligence and machine learning.


Alerts are reviewed based on threat indicators and a client-specific baseline for your unique IT infrastructure.

Investigate and Respond

Our expert team reviews the compiled data and we respond accordingly.

The MDR Service Built from a Hacker’s Perspective

We know how cybercriminals think. Leverage our expertise for a proactive approach to security.

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Your Data

Our all-in-one service for managed detection and response helps keep your organization secure.

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