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BTB Security’s managed information security service, Rapid Advanced Detection and Response (RADAR), combines advanced monitoring and detection technology with skilled expertise for accelerated incident response to reduce blind spots and false positives.

Here are the latest features in RADAR.


RADAR 2.0 | Managed Detection and Response

October 2017

New/Improved Features

  • Updated User Interface (UI): makes implementation, customization, and automation easy
  • Enhanced Machine Learning: advanced learning based on the work of our virtual analysts
  • Workflow Automation: learning functions determine the best response based on severity


  • Application Security On-Demand: going deeper with application security monitoring and the number of connections to provide more intelligence and monitoring of the entire IT stack
  • Integrated Vulnerability Management: proactively scanning for vulnerabilities to landscape current vulnerabilities, but also feed intelligence during actual incidents and malware attacks
  • Active Response: Beyond incident response, Active Response extends security beyond RADAR. We change firewall rules, add content filter rules, and disable user accounts to neutralize threats.

Want to see the value RADAR firsthand?

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