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BTB Security’s Application Security Assessment will help you ensure that your application is properly designed and deployed to provide the intended business logic, security controls, and protection of data that it presents. BTB Security will uncover vulnerabilities present in all aspects of the application and environment. BTB Security’s experts will review the application and work closely with your teams to identify and close the holes. BTB Security performs the assessment through a series of steps, as follows:

  • Interviews with key personnel
    • Business owners
    • Network engineering / operations
    • System engineering / operations / administration
    • Development
    • Security / Compliance / Risk Management
  • Architecture review
    • Network device configuration
    • Platform configuration
    • Application configuration (e.g., database, web services)
  • Review of related policies and procedures
    • Application access control
    • Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC)
  • Manual and automated review of the application with different access levels
    • Black box testing (no credentials or knowledge)
    • White box testing of the application (access to credentials and source code)

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