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The Bring You Own Device (BYOD) trend has productivity, convenience, and cost benefits associated with it for organization of any size. It also has serious information security and privacy concerns that are forcing organizations to change the way they operate. Initially BYOD sounds simple, right? While you already know that you can't just start letting people bring their devices on your network or allow corporate email to be pushed to the device, there are several other risks that should be explored and mitigated to ensure a smooth transition allowing full mobility in your workplace.

BTB Security can get you moving in the right direction by helping you assess your in place controls, define your strategy, or help integrate technology and processes. Our assessment includes the following:

  • Mobile device policy review
  • Hardware/Software version enforcement
  • Encryption enforcement
  • Lost device security
  • Application control
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategy
  • WiFi for mobile device review

How secure is your organization?

Speak with an information security expert to find out.