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Pressures come from every direction for your business. Federal, State, and Industry regulations with varying levels of overlap create security requirements. Your vendors and customers may also want assurances that data and processes are protected. Your end users want to be able to get their jobs done with the least amount obstacles possible.

You may be a publicly held Healthcare organization, or a privately owned company who charges customer credit cards for services rendered, but you still have similar problems. With limited money and time, where do you invest to most effectively improve your information security and meet your obligations and requirements? How do you convince your management that this is a sound investment?

BTB Security’s Governance Assessment goes beyond the Information Technology function within your organization and aims to understand:

  • Information Security and Risk Management
  • Access Control and Network Security
  • Operations Security
  • Physical Security
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


The outcome of the Governance Assessment answers the questions you should be asking about your current state of security. What’s working and what isn’t? Do the Information Security goals currently support the business objectives? What investments should be made to improve the security posture? Is the business meeting its regulatory requirements?

In addition to this, a scoring mechanism is put in place to help your organization show year-over-year improvements to your program. This score can be one of many metrics that can be shown to executive management regarding the health of your Information Technology and Information Security programs.

How secure is your organization?

Speak with an information security expert to find out.