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From full blown data breach investigations to low level virus or malware outbreaks, BTB Security is ready to respond to security incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, most organizations can not staff that kind of response, and don't have the expertise to appropriately respond to the types of activities that are becoming more prevalent.

With the knowledge and experience gained in dealing with incidents, BTB Security can help you build and prepare your own incident response function. Designed to support and exercise the response portion of your security strategy, the Incident Response Readiness Assessment offers training, documentation development and review, simulated exercises, and third-party assessment services. Taking advantage of BTB's experience and knowledge will ultimately prepare your organization and staff in techniques and procedures to better defend your company, and respond to security incidents. BTB can perform any or all of these tasks to assess and enhance your incident response capabilities:

  • Incident response plan review
  • Gap analysis
  • New plan development / enhancement
  • Identification of key technologies and personnel
  • Enhance tool reporting / alerting to support incident response capabilities
  • Define key players for an Incident Response Team (IRT)
  • Tabletop exercises to verify plan effectiveness

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