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BTB Security's Risk Assessment service assists organizations in creating a baseline for their IT risk management program. IT Risk Assessments are generally recurring and help organization's identify the the threats that pose the greatest risk to the organization.

BTB’s Risk Assessment is tailored to evaluate your environment against security best practices (e.g.,ISO 2700x) as well as specific regulatory requirements (e.g., GLBAHIPAAFISMASOX). BTB Security performs the assessment through a series of steps, as follows:

  • Information Gathering
  • Identification of Information and Information Systems
  • Information Analysis
  • Classification and Ranking
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Controls Evaluation
  • Rating of Risks


The results of these services will provide a better understanding of the risks posed to information systems, and shows actionable recommendations to guide the customer in applying appropriate security controls.

How secure is your organization?

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