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Virtualized infrastructures are continually growing in popularity because of the benefits they provide: energy efficiency, smaller data center footprint, faster provisioning, not being locked in to vendor hardware, increased availability, resiliency, and application isolation; to name a few. With the changing infrastructure and increasing dependence upon the technology, risks should be assessed to ensure applications and data are protected.

BTB Security's Virtualization Assessment will help you improve security of virtualized environments without negatively impacting the benefits gained through the use of virtualization. BTB assesses physical and logical architecture, and hypervisor security and administration. BTB also completes a thorough review of security policies, administrative practices, and operational procedures. Our assessment will review:

  • User and resource security
  • Access controls
  • Network configuration
  • Data store segregation
  • Platform security
  • Security monitoring
  • Security policy management
  • Change management
  • Asset management
  • Patch management

How secure is your organization?

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